Superior Vision Recognizes Excellent Patient Care


  I can not recall a time when an insurance company reached out to compliment a practice on patient care well done. It happened last week to Holly Springs Eye Associates, Dr. Vito and Staff. We received accolades from Superior Vision, a national vision plan, who noted that their own patient surveys revealed that we

9 Facts Your Eye Doctor Isn’t Telling You


Some eye doctors do not always tell their patients all the eye care facts that patients need to know, but not at Holly Springs Eye Associates. Maintaining eye health is an important factor in maintaining overall health, as Dr. Vito and Dr. Lavender explain to each patient. These eye care facts are not common knowledge,

Learn More About Diabetic Eye Disease During the Month of November


According to a survey that was taken by the American Optometric Association, it is estimated that 55 percent of people who have diabetic eye disease do not even know that they have this condition. Many people do not know that people with diabetes should have an eye examination each year. That is why optometry care

5 Important Facts for Why You Shouldn’t Skip Eye Exams


Eye care and eye examinations are extremely important. Just like visiting the dentist, taking care of your vision is an important to staying healthy. Here are just 5 reasons why you shouldn’t skip your visit to the eye doctor from Dr. Phil Vito. 1.) Your Eyesight Is Examined and a Diagnosis Is Made When you attend

Learn Why Prescription Glasses Are Not All the Same


Let’s say you need to buy a new car, yet you do not know a thing about cars. You search for what you like visually first, then you move on to learning about why Car A is better than Car B and why it may be more expensive. Car A costs $30,000 and Car B